2014 Information Governance in Healthcare Survey Results Revealed

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A Call to Adopt Information Governance Practices

This white paper describes findings from the first major survey of information governance practices at healthcare organizations. This landmark study, prepared by Cohasset Associates in conjunction with the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), evaluates and quantifies the state of information governance (IG) maturity and effectiveness, while explicitly addressing the information challenges facing the healthcare industry.

Establishing a baseline, this white paper delivers authoritative, up-to-date benchmarking metrics on information lifecycle practices in healthcare. You will find:

  • Incisive and comprehensive measures of the maturity of information governance adoption.
  • Details on successes, obstacles and opportunities for more effective information lifecycle management.
  • Actions to respond to today’s information governance challenges.
  • Comparisons made to IG practices survey results for other information-intensive organizations.

The impetus for the survey and this white paper is the recognition that information governance underscores the value of information as an asset essential for advancing the goals and priorities of healthcare organizations. Information is necessary for safe and effective patient care and operational excellence. Information management and control is an undeniable healthcare imperative.

Survey results provide evidence that:

  1. Overall, IG programs are less prevalent and less mature in healthcare organizations than is warranted, given the importance of information.
  2. Most organizations have not yet established a comprehensive strategy for information governance.
  3. The information governance framework and its foundational components call for strengthening and expansion.
  4. Information lifecycle management practices related to core functions require improvement.

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