Our industry experts are singularly qualified to help you address the unique challenges of legal information management, storage, protection and recovery. We can help you maximise your staff resources while efficiently managing your costs.

Given the explosive growth of electronic information and the need for greater control in eDiscovery, it’s important to keep pace with changes. Working closely with your staff to analyse your specific requirements and anticipated needs, we’ll help you to develop a truly comprehensive, integrated programme. We can help you:

  • Reduce spoliation, malpractice and non-compliance risk through the implementation of best practices for records retention and destruction across all media types, practice areas and office locations
  • Enhance productivity and responsiveness through streamlined records storage, retrieval and access
  • Manage time-sensitive litigation discovery requests, internal investigations and regulatory inquiries through Iron Mountain’s eDiscovery and Litigation Support services
  • Streamline the transition to the electronic law practice by integrating electronic document management and online data backup into your everyday workflow
  • Facilitate 24/7 document access and retrieval through Iron Mountain’s document conversion and image archiving services
  • Address intellectual property issues with specialised technology escrow, domain name management and film and sound archiving services
  • Maximise your use of office space, hardware, and IT resources while minimising costs and logistics through off-site records storage

We offer complete records and documents management solutions to the legal profession that enable you to take full control of information and documents without losing control of your budget.