The challenges of information management and compliance in healthcare grow more complex each month. We are dedicated to helping healthcare systems, hospitals and medical practices meet these challenges and bring health information management back under your control.

Providing excellent care and ensuring patient safety will always take priority for healthcare organisations. Today, however, those goals must be met against a backdrop of additional imperatives including:

  • Reducing costs
  • Safeguarding medical records and patient information
  • Moving to electronic document management solutions 

We have extensive experience in providing comprehensive information management solutions to NHS Trusts and private healthcare organisations throughout the UK. Today, our expertise helps thousands of care providers to:

  • Develop and maintain fully integrated information management, data storage, protection and recovery programs
  • Streamline access to patient records
  • Safeguard valuable patient information
  • Integrate digital radiology media
  • Navigate the transition to electronic health records
  • Ensure compliance, even across multiple locations
  • Minimise demands on IT staff
  • Establish an effective model for records and data management cost control

Our work is intended to address the issues you face today, prepare you to meet the challenges of tomorrow, and free your teams to focus on their work.