We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to overcome the specific challenges of business, industry and public sector clients.

  • Accounts Payable

    With Iron Mountain's e-invoice AP automation solution, you can gain greater process transparency, control and bottom line cost savings by eliminating paper from her invoice processing workflow.

  • Compliance

    You are responsible for keeping your organisation compliant. This is an increasingly difficult job in today’s highly regulated and increasingly litigious environment.

  • Energy

    Integrate your physical and digital data into a single reservoir with eSearch and benefit from our in-depth experience managing exploration and production data.

  • Film & Sound

    Media storage specialists manage the ultra-secure facilities where we preserve and protect precious film and sound master recordings and make analog-to-digital conversions.

  • Financial

    Comprehensive information management solutions for the financial sector that make data accessible, compliance achievable and security a priority.

  • Healthcare

    Information tools for off-site and on-site patient records management that helps reduce costs, minimise demands on your staff, and ensure compliance across your locations.

  • Legal

    eDisclosure and litigation support services that can help you take control of legal information management and facilitate the transition to electronic law practice.

  • Public Sector

    From record creation and retention to secure destruction, we design and deliver solutions to fit the needs of your public sector organisation.

  • Retail

    Secure shredding reduces identity theft risks while off-site storage maximises square footage and helps reduce costs, leaving your staff free to focus on your customers.

  • Small & Medium Enterprises

    We enable small and medium businesses to store, access and secure business-critical information efficiently and effectively.

  • Telecom

    Iron Mountain helps you stay complaint in the strictly regulated telecom industry in India.